The go-to site to explore, learn and share your love for good home cooked food, time-honored recipes, and the #foodie lifestyle. Dish By Ili offers a wide array of delicious, food-related information and inspiration – from recipes, cooking tips to behind the scenes look into Ili Sulaiman’s world.


We aim to inspire people to cook at home – whether it’s someone who loves food or those who are passionate about cooking, our recipes are all about locally sourced ingredients that you can get at your nearest market, easy and simple to make for convenience.


Be it at home or out and about – we share kitchen hacks, quick recipes, tips and tricks that are designed to make your lives easier. Dish by Ili is a content platform made for the foodies at heart created by entrepreneur, TV host and celebrity chef, Ili Sulaiman.





Founded by food entrepreneur, TV personality and 2015 Food Hero Asia winner Ili Sulaiman, Dish by Ili first started as a passion project. Having left her corporate desk job, Ili wanted to spread her love for food and share some of her favorite home recipes. She thought what best to do this than by offering a service that delivered wholesome, home-cooked meals in traditional tiffin carriers.


Dish by Ili has since brought together food lovers from all parts of the world through recipe sharing, food-related workshops, cooking classes, live demonstrations, and events. These gatherings all have one thing in common: celebrating the art and joy of coming together over food. A true Malaysian experience.


Ili’s recipes are mostly inspired by her Malaysian heritage, embodying the comfort flavourful, fuss-free food made from scratch and with a lot of love. With this quality in mind, Dish by Ili is made for food lovers to come together and share culinary experiences, discover food from various cultures, learn home-style recipes and discover their cooking skills from the comforts of their home.


She’s a girl with a diverse heritage – and tastebuds. Growing up with her roots steeped in Chinese, English, Malay and Sri Lankan heritage – food has always played an integral role in Ili’s life. But it was only at the age of 19 when she was given the opportunity to work at one of London’s most prestigious fine dining restaurants, Mosimann’s, did she gain professional experience in the F&B industry.

Since returning to Malaysia, she started Dish by Ili, a catering business that dished out delicious home cooked meals in tiffins. Many also know her as the food personality and celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman who hosted TV shows such as ‘Diari Mangkuk Tingkat Bersama Ili’, ‘Home Cooked: Malaysia’, ‘Family Feast with Ili’ and ‘By the Sea with Ili’ on the Asian Food Channel (AFC). In 2015, the bubbly self-learned chef also bagged the title of Food Asia Hero 2015.

Today, this ‘foodpreneur’ is a co-founder of social enterprise Agak Agak Initiative and looks to grow and nurture the food-obsessed community with Dish by Ili – a platform for all things food that come with great flavors, big laughs, and insightful exchanges. You can reach Ili Sulaiman here.




Discover inspiring interviews, behind the scene reflections and all things related to life as a foodie.


Learn the art of hassle-free cooking with our wide array of delicious recipes that fit a variety of palates.


Explore kitchen hacks, creative how to’s and quick fixes to experiment with at your home kitchen.


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