Sambal Ikan Bilis
Sambal Ikan Bilis


5 Medium Size Shallots, blitz in a machine
3 Cloves of Garlic
A handful of Dried Chilies, Seeds removed, soaked in hot water and blitzed in a machine
1 Heap Tablespoon of Chili Paste
200g of Ikan Bilis
Salt and Sugar to Taste
Sambal Ikan Bilis is one of the most popular dish here in Malaysia. We usually have it with our Nasi Lemak, Lontong and even with a slice of bread. It's so good it can be eaten with almost anything!


1.In a pan, add in oil and fry belacan and add in blitzed onion and garlic and fry until fragrant.
2.Add in chili paste and dired chili paste and fry until minyak naik.
3.Add in some water if required. Add in asam keeping and salt and sugar and keep frying for at least an 30 – 45 minutes until the red chili colour become darker.
4.Taste as you go and add in salt and sugar accordingly.
5.Once happy with taste and consistency, add in onion and ikan bilis and mix well.

Before adding the ikan bilis into your cooked sambal, make sure to rinse the ikan bilis to clean it

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