Sambal Goreng Balado with Tempeh and Tofu


2 x packets tempeh
200g firm tofu
4 clove garlic
6 x shallot
4 x bird eye chili
6 x red chilies
1 x tablespoon turmeric powder
80ml coconut oil
Salt and sugar to taste
The perfect Indonesian inspired dish with a tasty combination of tofu, tempe and sambal to fit your spicy palates. Best served as side dish with white or brown rice!


1.Blitz together shallots, garlic and chili until becomes paste
2.In a bowl, add in chopped tempeh, sprinkle salt and turmeric powder and mix well. Do the same with the firm tofu
3.In a wok, add in oil and fry tempeh and tofu until golden brown and set aside
4.In a pan, add in coconut oil and fry blended ingredients for 10 minutes before seasoning with salt and sugar. cook until the oil separates from the sambal
5.Fold in tempeh, tofu until combined. Serve with hot rice

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