Prosperity Cabbage Roll
Prosperity Cabbage Roll
Prosperity Cabbage Roll


6 pcs Cabbage leaf (whole)
350 g Choy sum (diced)
4 pcs Taufu (diced)
1/2 bowl Carrot (diced)
4 pcs Mushroom (diced)
1 big piece of Black fungus ( sliced)
4 tablespoon sesame oil
6 tbs Shoyu
1 tbs Salt
Pepper to taste
"This dish is full of vitamins and very colourful and nourishing to the body....and cutting vegetables need lots of patience and it fun! Tip to note: Don't over-steam the cabbage! Total 10 mins is sufficient" - Elaine


1.Wash all the raw ingredients and diced or sliced it
2.Cut the cabbage and maintain the whole piece
3.Deep fried a while the diced taufu and set aside
4.Boil the whole cabbage for 5 mins and drip dry and set aside
5.Stir fry vegetables with sesame oil and adequate shoyu, salt and pepper . Put in the deep fried taufu and continue to fry a while
6.Wrap the stir fry vegetables into the steam cabbage roll it like a spring roll
7.Steam for another 5 mins before serving. Garnished with goji berries and ready to serve

A huge thank you to our winner and recipe creator, Elaine Loke. We are so in love with this healthy and easy vegetarian recipe! 

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