Tomato Rice


1 Cup of Long Grained Rice, Soaked in Water for 30 Minutes
2 Medium Sized Tomatoes, Chopped
1 Tablespoon of Tomato Paste
1cm of Ginger and 2 Cloves of Garlic, Pounded to a Paste
2 Onions, Finely Chopped
1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
Salt to Taste
1 Teaspoon of Brown Mustard Seeds
1 1/2 Teaspoons of Coriander Seeds
1 Teaspoon of Fenugreek Seeds
2 Bay Leaves
4 Dried Red Chillies, Deseeded and Cut into 3
2 Tablespoons of Ghee
Spring Onions and slices of Shallots, for Garnish
Add more dry chillies if you want your tomato rice to be spicier!


1.In a pot, heat ghee up then add in the spices, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and coriander seeds. Fry them for a few minutes until fragrant.
2.Then, add in sliced onions, dried chillies, and the ginger and garlic paste. Fry until brown before adding in the turmeric powder and bay leaves.
3.Once the onions are brown, add the chopped tomatoes to it and tomato paste and mix well before adding the drained washed rice with salt and mix well.
4.Add in water, stir to combine and cook for 20 minutes or until rice is cooked.
5.Once done, garnish with chopped coriander and serve immediately.

Tomato Rice

To-may-to, to-mah-to, however you pronounce it, it’s definitely a fruit that goes with everything.
This delicious south Indian Tomato Rice is so good, you’ll be coming back for more. You could even eat it on its own.
All the spices blend well together to create a slightly spicy and fragrant dish. Pair this dish with a side of papodams or some chips. If you need that extra spice, opt to add more dry chillies in when cooking!
Hope you enjoy this dish, let us know what you think!
Happy Cooking!
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