Homemade Yee Sang (Prosperity Toss Salad)

Ingredients For the Salad

1 large Carrot - Wash, peel, cut into half and then sliced into thin julienne (split into two batches)
1 Japanese Cucumber - washed cut into half, scoop the seeds in the middle with a spoon and sliced into thin julienne (split into two batches)
1 Medium size white radish - Wash, cut into half and then sliced into thin julienne (split into two batches)
2 leaves of a green cabbage - washed, cut into half and sliced into thin julienne
2 leaves of a purple cabbage - washed and sliced into thin julienne
6 springs of spring onions - Wash cut into 3cm length and slice into julienne (split into two batches)
2 large gherkins - chopped up finely into small cubes (split into two batches)
1/2 cup of Japanese pickled ginger, sliced thinly (split into two batches)
1 cup pamelo pulp (this was so hard to find so I ended up using pomegranate seeds)
A few sprigs of coriander leaves
200g high quality sashimi salmon or smoke salmon - sliced thinly into 1/2cm pieces
When I was living in London, all 8 years of it, I could never find Yee Sang like you do in Chinese restaurants or your local Giant in Malaysia and it's something we Malaysians look forward to during Chinese New Year. This resulted in me making my own version. So here is my version of Yee Sang that has corn flakes in it (for that extra crunch!


1.Onto a large platter, in the middle, add the leaves of the green and purple cabbage and start assembling half the carrot at 12 o clock and 6 o clock, followed by a group of spring onions, a group of sliced radish, followed by the sliced cucumber, pickle cucumber, sliced Japanese ginger and by this time you would have reached the 6 o clock carrot. Repeat until you reach the 12 o Clock carrot with your second batch of vegetables to make a perfect circle! (like picture)
2.Sprinkle the pamelo/pomegranate seeds along the rim of the cabbage and pile the sliced salmon sashimi or smoke salmon onto the cabbage along with the coriander leaves
3.Dust the Chinese five spice, sprinkle the sesame seeds, drizzle the sesame oil and just before you toss your Yee Sang, sprinkle corn flakes and drizzle the honey mixture to your liking and start Loh Hai-ing with loved ones!

PS: Watch this to see how to Julienne your vegetables!

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