Homemade Murukku


1 packet Murukku Flour (I like to use Babas Murukku Mix)
2 table spoons Sesame seeds
2 table spoons Omum Spice (aka Ajwain)
3 table spoons Ghee
3 table spoons Butter
2.5 cups water
Oil for deep frying
​Murukku comes in all shapes and forms. We love it because its savory, spicy and crunchy. In all seriousness this is possibly my favorite thing about Indian food. Here is a simple recipe you can make at home.


1.In a large bowl add in the flour mixture, sesame seeds, omum spice, chee and butter and mix well before adding water
2.Mix the flour mixture until it combines but still a little sticky
3.Add oil into a wok and turn to medium to low heat
4.Place the mixture into the murukku mixture using the star hole and squeeze the filling onto a plastic cover to make a tight swirl
5.Once oil is hot, flip the soft murukku mixture into the oil and fry until the bubbles around the murukku has lessen
6.Drain murukku on some kitchen towel or piece of newspaper, cool it before putting it into an air tight container

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