Classic Hotdog


1 Hot Dog Bun
1 Frankfurter or Sausage of your choice
Our In-N-Out Special Sauce
1 Tablespoon of Butter
You could also slab a cheese to this hot dog for an extra yum factor!


1.In a pan, add in the butter with a little bit of Olive Oil. Olive oil will help prevent the butter from browning and burning too fast.
2.Then, add in the hot dog and hot dog bun at the same time.
3.Fry the hot dog until cooked and lightly brown the hot dog bun.
4.Once done, remove from heat and arrange the hot dog onto the bun.
5.Then, spread our In-N-Out inspired sauce onto your hot dog and we're done!
6.You can get the In-N-Out Inspired Sauce Recipe at the link below!


Classic Hot dogs are everybody’s favorite, to be honest. Can’t really ever go wrong with it. Hot dogs come in all sorts of flavors. This classic hot dog recipe we’ve made for you is so simple and delicious. Try it out with our In-N-Out Inspired Sauce here.
Try it out and let us know what you think!

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