Prosperity Chicken

This Prosperity Chicken is meant to bring you lots of prosperity this Chinese New Year!

A perfect dish to have during your reunion dinner . It’s juicy, and packed with flavor! Be sure to try this recipe out, you will not regret it.


1 large kampung chicken (min 1kg)

1.5 feet long baking paper or 2-3 dried lotus leaves (soaked overnight)

For the dough

1 kg plain flour

3 tbsp salt

900ml water (or more to make a pliable dough)


1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp light soya sauce

¼ tsp dark soya sauce

1 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon five spice powder

1 teaspoon marmite

Herb Stuffing:

8 dried/fresh scallops

3 dried mushrooms, soaked till softened

2 tbls dried prawns

½ cup water

1 x pkt Chinese Emperor chicken herbs or the following:

5g Angelica Sinensis (tong kwai)

15g Goji Berries (kei chi)

5 red dates

10g Solomon’s Seal (yu zhu) 5

g Lovage Root (chuan xiong)


1. Mix all seasoning ingredients in a bowl

2. Rub seasoning outside and cavity of the chicken

3. Cover and let it marinate overnight

4. Simmer ingredients for herb stuffing with ½ cup chicken stock. Once stock reduce by half transfer to a bowl and mix in goji berries

5. Stuff the herbs into the chicken cavity

6. Mix 1½ kg plain flour, 3 tbsp salt and 900ml water to form a pliable dough.

7. Cover and rest dough 30 minutes

8. Pre-heat oven to 200°C

9.Roll dough into a thick rectangle, enough to wrap the chicken

10. Place the lotus leaves on the rolled dough

11. Place chicken on the lotus leaf. Wrap the chicken with lotus leaf. Make sure it’s secure and no holes

12. Securely wrap and seal the lotus wrapped chicken with the rolled dough

13. Place it on a roasting tray

14. Bake for 2 hours in oven

15. Let chicken rest for 30 minutes before cracking it open


It’s important to let the chicken rest for 30 minutes before cracking it open as this helps keep all the moisture of the chicken in. So when you cut into the chicken, you’ll be left with the most succulent chicken!

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