How to detox and what you should know

How To Detox And What You Should Know

Have you tried a detox before?  I am pretty sure it would have involved a tea packet that claimed miracles. We girls are suckers for things that come in pretty little boxes but even more, when it comes with celebrity endorsements. One of the claims of teatox is that it clears toxins, cleanses your body after indulging in food or alcohol, eliminate weight, flush out water weight, clears out skin and gives you amazing energy. This is exactly what a detox does but there are natural ways to do it without blowing your budget. Find out how.

1. Water weight does not make you a flubber

Say what? The important aspect to remember about water in detox is, it is used to push out acidity within the body to create an alkaline environment. Which would release our system that is holding on to fat to protect itself from the highly acidic environment. This is the biggest misconception about detoxing that you should lose water weight. It may actually make your scale move but in fact, it is an illusion of weight loss. Water is the basis for life as it maintains your organs, assists with weight loss, makes you look youthful. Research has shown that older people develop wrinkles because of lesser water consumption. Due to their body’s own mechanism that does not make them feel thirsty as they age. At DISH by Ili, we have discussed the importance of water which you can read here.

2. Raw roar

If you are going to put in all that effort into doing a detox eating healthy is essential. Unless you do not want to see results. Up the intake of vegetables, fruits, reduce meat and carbohydrates. It is pivotal that you avoid consuming foods that cause bloating and increases acidity. Remember to eat raw, whole foods, local and seasonal. Plan your meals beforehand and do food preps so you don’t reach out for something that’s sinful and convenient.

3. Exercise schmexercise

Did you think you can skip exercise because you are detoxing? No way is that gonna happen because your body needs to move to flush out toxins in many ways other than the process of elimination. Your body also needs to sweat. So that your skin releases the toxic build up it’s holding on to. Try yoga it is less strenuous and helps you to feel calm and centered by increasing your concentration to remain present.

4. No dairy daisy

Yeah, you heard that right, no goey cheese, milky ice creams or milk in your cereal. This is the detox 101 handbook rule. Studies have shown that dairy milk actually makes your body sluggish. About 75% of us genetically aren’t able to digest cows milk. The only milk that’s beneficial for us is A2 milk that’s produced by A2 casein producing cows. Which is quite rare in the dairy industry right now.

5. A spa drink.

Essential oils are not just for aromatherapy but it is also used to be taken orally to heal. The three most awesome essential oil in weight loss are grapefruit, cinnamon, and ginger. Grapefruit oil helps to break down fat with the help of enzymes. Cinnamon oil, on the other hand, helps to reduce sugar cravings. It important to note that Ceylon variety of cinnamon oil produces best results as the other varieties can cause kidney problems if over consumed. Ginger oil helps to reduce disease-causing inflammation, in turn, helps proper digestion of nutrients from your intestines.

3 ways to Detox

1. Lemon water detox.

Lemon water detox


Its one of the simplest detox that works easily for lowered energy. Simply squeeze half a lemon juice in 1 liter of water and drink 3 liters of it in a day.

2. Water infused detox

Slice cucumbers, lemon and mints in 1 liter of water and drink 3 liters of it in a day. You can also include essential oil mentioned above.

3. Juice Detox

green juice detox

Juice apples, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, carrots, cucumbers, and beetroot, to this you can change the beetroot to spinach or kale. Make different variations and drink only juice for the whole day don’t forget to drink water too