Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when there’s a new content on the website?
A: We are updating our Social Media pages frequently so you will be notified about our new content. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest at @dishbyili to follow up with our activities.

Q: How active is your Social Media Platform?
A: We post content daily on Facebook and Instagram and twice a month for our Pinterest page.

Q: Are you still doing any of the food delivery services especially the Tiffin Delivery?
A: We are no longer a food delivery service provider but we have Root Cellar KL, our sister company that is in charge of the services, including lunchboxes and catering.

Q: Do you have any recipe videos?
A: We do have a Youtube Channel where we post recipes, How-Tos/tutorials, tips and tricks, travel and more, which will be updated every week. Recipe videos also can be found in the blog section of the website. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel @DishByIli to watch more videos.

Q: I’m from the media and I would like to engage Ili Sulaiman for an interview/photoshoot. How do I do so?
A: You can ping us on our email at stating your interest or call the number +6017-3005066