Foodie Feature: Elaine Ho (Chopstick Diner)

Elaine Ho, founder, fellow foodprenuer and super mum is the women behind Chopstick Diner. Packing delicious and healthy lunch boxes with chopsticks (hey!) Elaine is without a doubt the most passionate person I know who really wants to make a healthy lifestyle prominent and accessible in someone’s life. We met at BFM when they had us both on the air for their ‘open for business’ series. We hit it off and have kept in touch till today. We got on because we really believe that by working together and sharing what you know, we stand a chance to enhance the F&B industry in Malaysia.

I decided to ask Elaine a few questions about her an this is what she had to say:

What was it that got you cooking?

There were so many ingredients to cook with when I was in Australia, so cooking was very easy and exciting. I started off buying myself a nice cookbook to cook for my then boyfriend (now husband)…and it slowly grew on me. Also, because I studied food science it all made sense why things are done in a certain way, example: deep frying at a certain temperature of preventing food from being oily or greasy

What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

I love to cook for my kids these days and the easiest thing to make for them is a lasagna. I “hide” all the veges in there, and top it off with raw quinoa (for that extra crunch when you bite into layers).

If you had a chance to cook for anyone in the world, what would your dinner party guest list look like? 

I would love to cook for Heston Blumenthal and Yotam Ottolenghi! I know it will be so challenging to cook for them as they are one of the best chefs in the world. But I admire their work and would love to hear them give constructive feedback on my food. You only learn from the best!

Favourite eatery in KL (please state place, favourite dish and drink)

My favourite place to eat in KL is Ganga Cafe in Bangsar. I love their Ayurvedic dishes there. Its tasty, healthy and slightly spicy, ticks all the right boxes for me.

Any advice for any budding cooks out there who either want to start cooking or thinking of getting into the business?

Business is a lot of hard work…..if you’re not ready to work doubly hard then its best you work for someone else.

Please share a kitchen/cooking experience that made you a better cook?

Definitely getting feedback from the family as they are SUPER honest. I think that’s what I like! Sometimes I slave my day in the kitchen and then feed my kids then they are like …” mummy can I just have soup and rice” Then I know I didn’t meet their expectations. 

What are some of your favorite kitchen must-haves?

Hand blender!