Foodie Feature: Anis Nabilah

Who doesn’t know Asian Food Channel’s Icip Icip? A true food enthusiast in Malaysia would know who Anis Nabilah is! To refresh your mind, Anis Nabilah is an international celebrity chef and a TV host. She has appeared in many shows throughout her career (Rasa-Rasa, Kuali Bujang, Selera, Eating Wild and My Taste of Hong Kong). She even got her first TV appearance back in 2010. That was 7 years ago and she was only 24 years old then. The most memorable show that she has hosted is Icip Icip on Asian Food Channel. This ‘petite’ Subang girl has won various international cooking competitions and numbers of awards including the notable Culinaire 2007. I’ve always been an admirer of her work, especially how she’s always keeping her Malaysian roots in her cooking and shows. Anywhere she goes, she’ll always introduces Malay cooking to the people she meets.

*FUN FACT: Our parents know each other! There’s where the bond exists. The first time we met were during an event (I think it was a Marie Claire event, if I’m not mistaken) and we clicked straight away like we’ve known each other since like FOREVER. You know the feeling when you just met someone and you were like, “Have we met before?” or “Are you sure you’re not my twin?”. Something like that, is what I was thinking when I first met her and another thing what I like about her is that she could talk about food for HOURS non-stop! Which, basically, ME!

So, we’ve decided to ask Anis a few questions about her love for food and these are her cute answers to them:

Q: What is your fondest childhood memory when it comes to food?

A: When me and my 7 siblings helped mum out with our meal prep. We get to choose what to make!

Q: What’s the best meal you ever cooked?

A: Masak Lemak Daging Salai (It’s also her personal favourite dish)

Q: What’s the worse meal you ever cooked?

A: Nothing (She’s saying that she’s a very good cook #FACT

Q: If you had a chance to cook for a group of people (dead or alive) what would your dinner party guest list look like? 

A: Queen of England, President Barrack Obama, Grant Achatz, Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Massimo Bottura, Beyoncé and my late brother Adam

Q: What is the best meal you have ever eaten in your entire life?

A: My mum’s Nasi Kandar, at home, every time she makes it, I don’t know how she does it but it just really taste better every time she makes it. All the dishes or ‘lauk’ goes perfectly well together, the consistency of the curry and the beef masala is right, and the taste is phenomenal!

Q: Favourite beverage?

A: Fresh Coconut water!

Q: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: I can’t do that, but if I have to choose it has to be nasi lemak, or maybe nasi kandar, or maybe Tom Yum, or roti canai. Ok I can’t choose!

Q: Current favourite establishment in KL 

A: Home! (Basically her food haven)

Q: What makes a good, great and excellent cook?

A: In my opinion first you need a good palate, then you need to have great instinct and sense of smell, you need to be daring to try things you’re not used to, you need to be creative, and you need to ‘feel’ what you make, you need to put love and passion in it!

Q: What is your kitchen must have?

A: I need my pestle and mortar, my processor too, my Knife set, my old seasoned wok, my non stick pan and my trusty oven!

That’s all for now, keep an eye on this spot for more updates from Dish By Ili. To Anis, I want you to keep being a cheerful and awesome lass and I’m wishing you the ‘BESTEST’ of luck for your future comings…….maybe a collaboration project together *hint hint*

(Photo credit: GEMFIVE)