What happens when you only drink water

What happens when you only drink water


Have you ever wondered what will happen when you drink just water as your sole liquid source?

Water is essential for life , as human beings our body is made up to 70% water. Our life expectancy without water is only  3-4 days. But we are able to survive longer without food for up to three weeks. But the change in our lifestyles compared to our fore fathers have left us at risk to so many ailments. We have started to consume other beverages like carbonated drinks , juice filled with preservatives and highly acidic coffees and teas in replacement of water.

1. Drink water and solve your health issues.

A simple act of regularly drinking water throughout the day according to your weight requirements, will help to impact your overall health. Your body needs water to process things like flushing of the waste, lubricate saliva, lubricating  joints, digest food, transport nutrients, regulate body temperature and so on. If we don’t drink enough water we may end up with these 14 disorders that are so prevalent.

• Eczema
• Acid-Alkaline imbalance
• Premature ageing
• Excess weight and obesity
• Constipation
• Digestive disorders
• Cholesterol
• Fatigue or loss of energy
• Cystitis
• Rheumatism
• Urinary tract infections
• Respiratory Troubles
• Gastric and stomach ulcers.
• High and low blood pressure

2. Weight loss

There are many fad diets out there that claims the need to shed water weight. This is a highly dangerous misconception about weight loss. Current studies have indicated maintaining a well hydrated body leads to weight loss naturally. By drinking 2 glasses of water before meals helps you to shed pounds. Water helps to maintain the acidic and alkaline balance in the body assisting to metabolise well. Here is a calculator for you to find out how much water you need to drink for your body.

3. Beautiful skin

When there is a lack of water in our system it is not able to eliminate waste properly and it shows up in our skin. The body is not able to eliminate these toxins therefore ends up clogging our livers and kidneys making our system sluggish. Lack of hydration speeds up the process of ageing thus making you look tired and older than you should be. Even with the most effective moisturisers or skincare, if we are not well hydrated its not going to do justice to your appearance in the long run. The secret weapon to a youthful glowing skin is lots and lots of water.

4. Brainier you.

The grey matter in your brain can actually shrink. Chronic long term dehydration leads to premature ageing of the brain. Mental fatigue , memory problems and confusions can result in a dehydrated brain. Dehydration causes cognitive functions to impair visual perception, short term memory and psycho motor ability. For those who are older it leads to delirium. Hydration helps blood flow to the brain, improves your quality of sleep, maintains memory function and helps to balance moods and emotions. Want to to be sharper,calmer and make better decisions, drink up water.

5. Thicker shinier hair.

Thinning of the hair caused by stress due to lack of water results in improper assimilation of nutrients. Even if you eat right and exercise regularly it will not change the fact that your body does not have enough water to transport nutrients to where it needs. Lack of water means lack of blood flow to not only your brain but also your scalp resulting in hair fall. The drier your hair and skin your body is indicating  mild dehydration. Take notice and take action before it becomes a major fall out.

6. Healthy kidneys and liver.

These two organs are one of the most important organs in the body thats often overlooked. Kidneys filter out 200 quarts of blood expelling 2 quarts of waste and 2 quarts excess water. If the kidney gets overworked stones appear in them and causes excruciating pain. Liver on the other hand gets clogged when cholesterol in the blood is not expelled out and causes non alcoholic related fatty liver . If you know anyone that is living with a chronic illness associated with kidney and liver knows how difficult life is. Take care of your organs, drink up!



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