What is Hari Raya without Lemang?! Lemang is a traditional Malay dish  made up of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt. It is cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves, in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It is often eaten with curries and meat dishes like Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang etc. Lemang is usually prepared for festivities such as the Muslim Festivity, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

The approach of Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the best time to sample lemang, as stalls pop up to cater to the seasonal demand. You can’t miss the smoke billowing from makeshift tents by the road and the rows of bamboo sticks over charcoal-fired grills. Popular spots with multiple vendors are located along the MRR2 Highway in Hulu Kelang, Pantai Dalam and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The best lemang is cooked through, firm and moist with sweet and salty hints. It’s sold alongside home-cooked spicy meat dishes of beef and chicken rendang

We’ve gathered some of best where you can get your Lemang fix from ;

1. Lemang Pak Ali

Every time during Ramadan and Syawal, people will surely flock to Pak Ali Lemang Asli stalls at Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, near the entrance to Taman Melawati, Hulu Kelang.
The area is so synonymous with Pak Ali’s original lemang. The original Lemang that Pak Ali’s are the favorites of the community, customers are willing to come from far away just to get the lemang. Affordable price RM12 to RM20 per pcs.


Location: Jalan MRR 2, Batus, 68000 Ulu Klang, Selangor. View Map

Phone: 012-254 0969


Lemang To’ki is a very popular restaurant in Bentong for the locals. The key point is the quality of the glutinous rice and how much coconut milk they use to cook it. Lemang To’ki’s version is fragrant with coconut milk and the taste is good. This is highly recommended tasty lemang for upcoming Hari Raya. Many people drive long distance just to get a taste of their Lemang and rendang. Lemang To’ki is definitely a great place to drop by if your hometown is near Bentong, Karak or Raub. You can find many lemang stalls during the Ramadhan month but for delicious ones, it is hard to come by.

Location :  Jalan Tras, Bentong, 28700 Pahang, Malaysia View Map

Phone: +60 9-222 1587

3. Lemang Stall @ Cheras

Also don’t forget to  purchase some lemang at the stall located on Jalan Suadamai. This is also one of the most popular lemang stalls in the area, you can see rows and rows of lemang being cooked over the fire daily.Lemang is best eaten warm, hence do not buy it too early in advance unless you are planning on reheating it before eating. They sell the lemang here according to size (width of the bamboo) – small is RM14, medium RM16 and large RM18. Buy the medium sized one if you’re looking to feed 4-6 people, as well as some beef rendang (RM20 per tub). The lemang here is really good, soft, sticky and fragrant. And the beef rendang is cooked just right, tender, flavorful and mildly spicy. Love it!

Location: Lemang Stall, Jalan Suadamai, Taman Minang, 56000 Cheras, Selangor. View Map


4. Lemang, Khaliff_Garage

                                                                                  Photo Creds : @yosh_rahmanita

Usually you would get your lemang fix at a street stall but now you can also purchase it online on Instagram at  @Khaliff_Garage. If you stay in the Klang Valley area, @khaliff_garage can deliver their delicious food straight to you. Contact @Khaliff_garage to get your Lemang and side dishes such as Pulut Kuning, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging and many more this coming Hari Raya !


Call/Whatapps/sms – CARLOS +6017 303 2393
                                  CHE PAH +6018 2013656
                                  JO KECIK +60129035583
                                  KELLY +60123448589 

Operating Hours : 4pm-2am everyday


That is it for our list of Best Lemang you should try. Have any suggestions? Leave us a comment and we might just try it out! Happy eating and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our DISH By Ili followers!