Beach Essentials

Here is a guide to your beach holiday essentials when your a curvy girl like me. I do like to embrace my curves and feel like sometimes when we are on a beach holiday we are so cautious about the way we dress that we forget to relax and have fun. So here are some of my tips on having a great time by the beach whilst feeling comfortable, safe and sexy!

Beach Bag Essentials

Know what to pack in your beach holiday bag. Never forget to have the following items:

  • Sunscreen (SPF 20 or 30 if you want a nice tan, SPF 50 if you want minimum brownness) My favorite has to be Kiss my Face Sunscreen cause its for sensitive skin
  • Sunglasses. I am all about the wild frames, colorful frames and also the funky looking ones and do bring one that is plastic and not super expensive cause sand is not your glasses best friend.
  • Pario/ Sarong. I find bringing two gives you the option of wearing one and also using one to lie on
  • Aloe Vera. Must for your post skin care. This one is my favorite
  • Anti Bug Spray. To avoid mosquito bites and any other bites please bring this along
  • Hair and Heat protection spray. This is an absolute must if you would like to protect your hair from the heat as well as the sea water and chlorine in the pools
  • Body Spray. Of course to keep your bits smelling fresh. I am currently obsessed with Aesop Tacit
  • Antibacterial Wet Wipes or wet wipes so you can easily refresh yourself after a long day at the beech.
  • An extra T Shirt because you will need it post swim.
  • Accessories (in this case it has to be my Hoop earrings)
  • Beach Bag that you don’t mind getting dirty. I have my Monki Cloth bag so its easy to wash later.
  • A plastic bag for your wet clothes
Must have items in your beach bag. Two piece swimwear is from H&M (image below for full look)


Invest in good swimwear that holds you in and makes you feel comfortable and sexy on your beach holiday. The key here is to ensure that you try your swimwear before you buy it or buy it online but know you can return it. I find that when you spend a little more on a good brand the quality is a lot better, meaning the material is thick, your bits are more likely to be held in better; giving you the shape, form and support you need to enjoy a little dip in the ocean or in a pool. There are many plus size swimwear brands out there that support your bits but my favourites are from Violeta, M&S , H&M and  Dorothy Perkins.

Wearing H&M Mix and Match High Waisted Bikini Bottom and Bikini Top

Holiday Ready Outfits

Now packing is always a problem when we want to look beach ready but also feel like we need to be practical. It is important to be comfortable and cool but spend a bit of time in accessorizing so you stand out and mix it up a bit. So here are my go to looks for my beach holiday. I usually bring a pair of flip flops, one nice sandals and a pit of sneakers (if your planning on doing a hike)

Wear your swimsuit like a TOP

Yes, you got it so flaunt it. It is the only time you can get away with wearing your swimsuit as a top so do it. If you are a little conscious about your shoulders then throw over a kimono top or use your pario as a shrug. This is a perfect pool day outfit when your out on your beach holiday.

Wearing M&S swimsuit with Monki White Linen pants paired with my canvas M&S backpack and Zara sandals

Always pack a Little Black Dress

A little black dress always comes in handy because you can dress it up with nice makeup, hair and shoes if your going somewhere fancy. You can dress it down but putting on a nice pair of sandals or flip flops.

Making a little bit of an effort with dinner with friends in my Little Black Dress from H&M

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

There is no better way to boost up your look then pairing it with gorgeous beach hair, nice earrings and a gorgeous bag. Also know that a pario can be worn in many different styles.

A nice pair of earrings and a nice woven bag goes a long way. Wearing my Syomir Iowa Gupta Pario with a skirt
Wearing a pario as a halter dress. Mario by Syomir Izwa Gupta
Wear your pario like a poncho to hide your tummy but show off your shoulders

Mens Shirts

Never underestimate a nice men shirt. I got this one for RM5 at a flee market. It can keep you warm on those cold bike rides, ties it up to make it look a little sexy or use it to cover yourself after a dip in the water.

Vintage men shirt bought at a bundle shop in Bali itself.


Have fun! don’t have a care in the world and enjoy that time off with family and friends because even you deserve it. For More articles on where to go in Canggu Bali Click here.

Much love,

Ili xx

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