12 Items You Need For Your First Kitchen

What you will need to kick start cooking in the kitchen!


  1. Invest in a Non- stick WOK with a lid, because you can use it as a pan to stir fry, make pasta sauces, fry your breakfast eggs as well as using it as a pot (yup!) to make your soups, rice porridge, deep fry your homemade chicken. Here is one from Ikea which I own and use daily.
  2. A good quality big knife and small knife. I like knives that have a stainless steel blade and a stainless steel handle because they last longer then the ones with wooden handles. The big knife is used to chop larger items like (fish, chicken, beef) and large vegetables and fruit (carrots, watermelon, papaya) and the small knife is used to peel things or cut smaller items (spinach, peel garlic, peel onions etc.) This is one from Tramontina. Super sexy I tell you!
  3. Two chopping boards. It’s worth investing in a thick plastic chopping board (get something that cost you more than RM30) because its easier to clean and will not bend in odd shapes when cutting hot food. Why two boards because you can separate one board for meats and one for vegetables and fruits.
  4. A set of kitchen thongs or kiap-kiap (as we call it). Thongs are great because you can pick stuff up with it. Literally! anything from boiling spaghetti to picking up your fried chicken that your frying in your wok 🙂 Invest in a silicon one. its expensive but your thongs won’t melt.
  5. Can opener. In all seriousness guys, a can opener is a life saver because it can not only opens your canned tomatoes, but can also be used to open bottle caps for your kicap manis. See!
  6. At least 4 mixing bowls ranging from small to large plus a colander. This is my favourite. It’s from Joseph and Joseph because it has all the bowls you need to prep any meal including a measuring cup.
  7. At least 4 kitchen towels which you can use not only to wipe but also to stop yourself from touching things that are hot that might burn you! Get 4 so you can wash two at a time 🙂
  8. If you’re into healthy eating, get a Chinese bamboo steamer because you can do so much with it from making your steamed vegetables, to cooking fish and chicken in it or heating up your food. Goodbye microwave!
  9. Hand held blender or a pastle and mortar. Depending on your level of laziness, and your budget, this is worth an investment. I use kMix Triblade Hand Blender  and its has served me so well.
  10. Aluminum foil and cling wrap. When cooking, you can use these items to cover, wrap, plate even assist in cooking any food items.
  11. A 4 piece dining set consisting of side plates, bowls, main course plate, fork, knives, spoons, teaspoons along with water tumblers and mugs. Just start with 4 because over time, it will expand or die out, naturally. I buy mine from Correlle because they are light and don’t break so easily. WIN!
  12. A baking tray which you end up using to bake food in (if you have an oven) or use as a serving dish. Double Win! I like the old school Pyrex because it comes with a lid and reminds me of my mum and grandma.


*A BIG TIP from me is – start investing in good quality equipment and utensils because you will end up using it for at least 10 years. I started collecting items for my kitchen when I was 14 years old so when I finally got my own place, I was set. I didn’t have a couch when I moved into my own home but I had an awesome kitted out kitchen.